Explore the wide range of activities at Cullendore High Country.

Mountain Biking

Family Tracks and Trails

Cullendore High Country has a range of mountain bike tracks. Mountain bikers have access to the National Park's fire trails. These forest trails take riders for kilometres through the forest.
We also have mountain bike trails around the Forest Camp. These easier and shorter trails keep the kids busy for hours. Please make sure you bring helmets and any other safety gear.

Bird Watching

Over 210 species have been identified in our forests.

Cullendore High Country is a birdwatcher’s paradise.
The extensive forests provide habitat for a wide variety of birdlife. The location of these forests means that birds from inland areas co-exist with species found in the temperate and subtropical coastal forests. This provides a treasure trove of birdlife in the one area. Birdwatchers may encounter species as diverse as Budgerigars to the Regent Bowerbird.

Native Animals

Cullendore High Country is located in the heart of a key biodiversity and conservation area that contains 29 threatened and endangered species.

The forests of Cullendore High Country and the neighbouring National Park are home to many of these species. This includes one of the highest concentrations of the Spotted-tailed Quoll in Australia.
Key species found in our forests include Koalas, Brushed-tailed Phascogales, Sugar Gliders, Squirrel Gliders, Yellow-footed Antechinus, Long-nosed Bandicoots, Echidnas, Fawn-footed Melomys, Brush-tailed Possums, Ring-tailed Possums and five species of macropods (Red-necked Wallaby, Whip-tailed Wallaby, Wallaroo, Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Rufous Bettong).


Cullendore High Country provides endless opportunities for the budding and professional photographer.

Both the landscape and wildlife photographer are well catered for. You are welcome to explore this special part of the world and record its particular magic on camera. Just a short drive from Cullendore High Country are the vineyards of Stanthorpe, the rolling green hills of Liston, beautiful Queen Mary Falls and the sandstone buildings of Warwick. These all provide great opportunities for those interested in photography.

Water Activities

Cullendore High Country is traversed by a number of creeks and streams that converge at the Overflow Campsite.

All of the streams on Cullendore High Country rise either in our campgrounds or the neighbouring national park. 

It is a favourite picnic spot for our campers.

2016-04-30 07.31.06.jpg

There are many hectares to explore in our campgrounds along with kilometres of walking trails through the neighbouring Maryland National Park.

This gives bushwalkers a wide variety of experiences. Enjoy the beautiful vistas of the Great Dividing Range, the quiet pools along our creeks or the magnificent old growth brushbox forests of the Park. We have a private entry into Maryland National Park, giving walkers access to the quiet trails that traverse the temperate forests of the Park.

driving tracks pano.jpg
Driving Tracks

We have over 13kms of driving trails that take you to special areas of our campgrounds.

These trails are not designed as extreme four wheel drive tracks. If this is what you are after these can be found in extreme driving parks closer to Tenterfield. Our trails are designed to take visitors on sedate and scenic tours. They can be used to visit our creeks, forests, waterholes and mountain lookouts found throughout the campgrounds. Picnic areas have been set-up along these trails for all to enjoy. This allows visitors to stop in the more remote sections of the campground and explore the many aspects of Cullendore High Country. This includes a 7 kilometre drive down to the Maryland River.

Attractions Near Cullendore High Country

Just over the hill!

Cullendore High Country is located only 25 minutes south of Warwick at 248 Cullendore Creek Road. We are in the heart of the Cullendore district at the gateway to the New England, just over 2 hours drive from Brisbane.