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The Farm


Grazing cattle in the paddock

Cullendore High Country has been cattle country since European settlement.

Over the past decade we have been setting aside the forests on our property as a wildlife reserve. This has been done by fencing our cattle out of significant areas of our property. We have fenced off the major creeks and the Maryland River as well as many hectares of sclerophyll forest.

The remaining land is used to breed Angus cattle.

Our management focus is to promote a healthy, biologically diverse ecosystem and to use this to sustainably produce quality, grassfed Angus beef.

The cattle graze in valleys throughout the property and you will see our cattle from some of our campgrounds. We encourage any visitor who is interested, to talk to us about any aspect of our cattle breeding. We believe that food security is one of the central issues facing our country and the planet as a whole.

It is imperative that we deal with this issue while managing our natural resources in a sustainable way.

The Environment

Cullendore High Country is located on the NSW/QLD border. It is in the Northern New England Tablelands, at the northern end of the Tenterfield Shire.

The property is elevated granite terrain, between 700m and 900m and receives an annual average rainfall between 800mm and 1100mm. Runoff drains east and south through Cullendore Creek, Reedy Creek and Chapman’s Swamp Creek into Maryland River, which is in turn a tributary of the Clarence River.

Cullendore High Country includes approximately 800ha of forest corridors that link the neighbouring Maryland National Park to areas of forest to our east. These corridors follow Maryland River along its riparian zone, as well as upland corridors in the higher wetter areas of the property. This forest reflects its position in a transition zone between subtropical habitats in the east and temperate habitats in the south. These forest corridors have a very high biological diversity and are home to many species.


Our campground is designed to give visitors the space needed to be able to immerse themselves in the beauty and rhythms of nature. Our aim is to make our campground an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life where visitors can feel at one with our natural environment.

The Farm: About

Our Philosophy

As owners/managers of Cullendore High Country, we are committed to the stewardship of the natural resources as an underlying principal of all management decisions made on the property. Particular emphasis is placed on preserving and protecting our areas of remnant vegetation as habitat for native fauna. Creating a productive property that supports the unique ecology of the region is not an easy task. We believe that tourism plays a key role in this journey.

The camping management practices we have put in place are designed to protect our forest areas.

The camping is designed as a low density environmental camping experience where guests:

  • leave all natural flora and fauna untouched;

  • only use designated tracks;

  • do not bring pets;

  • do not participate in motorbike riding or extreme four-wheel driving.

We place an emphasis on passive activities that promote interactions with the prolific bird and animal life that inhabit this high country. These activities are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment of our property.

We believe that our beautiful property is the perfect place to revitalise and re-connect. We understand that family connections flourish in quiet environments away from the distractions of technology and bright lights. We know that children are at their best when they are burning off energy in a safe and spacious environment and sharing these experiences with their family. It is these times that form shared memories that bind families closer together.

We are passionate in our belief that for future generations our special and sacred places need to be protected. We believe that experiencing the bush is the first vital part of protecting its future. Come join us in our journey.

Cullendore High Country Team

Wendy, Stuart & Matt Bell.

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