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Our Camp Areas

Explore our four main camp areas.

To make the most of our peace and tranquillity campsites are scattered throughout the forest.

Each site offers something different. There are smaller sites suitable for a couple, a family or a few friends through to larger sites for groups. These sites allow you to set up in private areas, while still having access to amenities. Each campsite has its own firepit and all sites have been levelled for a comfortable stay. Hot showers and flushing toilets are provided.

Our campsites range from open grass areas to more secluded and protected sites. We cater for all forms of camping including tents, camper trailers and vans.

View our four main camp areas below. 

Forest Camp

Overview: Nestled against a granite outcrop covered in temperate forest, the Forest Camp provides a variety of choices for visitors.

Amenities: Hot showers & flushing toilets  

Suited for: All campers

Creek Camp

Overview: The Creek Camp is located along a small spring-fed stream on the eastern side of Cullendore High Country.

Amenities: Flushing toilets & access to the Forest Camp hot showers

Suited for: Campers who want seclusion and privacy

Overflow Camp

Overview: The Overflow is a series of campsites located along the banks of several streams and creeks.

Amenities: Access to Forest Camp Hot showers & flushing toilets  

Suited for: Campers who want a secluded site where you can enjoy your own stretch of stream.

Mountain Camp

Overview: Located along the northern escarpment of our high country campgrounds and overlooks the eastern Darling Downs far below.

Amenities: Flushing Toilets & access to Forest Camp hot showers

Suited for: Medium to large groups of campers who want a secluded site with a view.

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