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View of the Kingfisher camp site

Overflow Camp

The Overflow is a series of campsites located along the banks of several streams and creeks.


These waterways converge in an area we call The Overflow.

The Overflow is split into 3 main groups:

The Valley
There are four group campsites located in the Valley, a quiet area along a small creek.

Tea Tree, Grevillea, Elk Horn and Forest Oak all spread out along this creek and offer relative seclusion from other campers. Grevillea is the largest site offering space for up to eight set-ups. Tea Tree, at the end of the valley, is the most secluded offering space for up to four setups. Elk Horn and Forest Oak are closest to amenities and are each suitable for up to three set-ups.


The Rise
The Rise is an area closest to the Overflow amenities. There are three group sites in The Rise. Blue Wren and Honeyeater are both located next to a small stream. Both sites can cater for up to four set-ups. Storm Bird is located on a small hill overlooking the area, is close to the amenities and is suitable for up to three set-ups. The Platypus is located overlooking a waterhole in the creek for those looking for extra seclusion (up to two set-ups).


Reedy Creek flows through Clancy’s, therefore a number of the group sites in this area are adjacent to water. Kingfisher, Water Dragon and Wood Duck are located adjacent to a series of water holes along the creek. They are designed for larger groups and cater for four set-ups or more. Currawong (up to five set-ups) and Plover (one or two set-ups) are located next to Reedy Creek and offer a secluded creekside experience. Bee Eater, Egret and Curlew overlook the Reedy Creek wetland area and offer lovely water views (up to two set-ups on each site). Bowerbird, Kookaburra and Heron are located closer to amenities and are suitable for up to 3 set-ups at each site.


Each campsite offers a secluded site where you can enjoy your own stretch of stream.

We have selected campsites that give you and your group a private place to set-up but still within easy reach of amenities.


These amenities include flushing toilets and a hot shower. Some sites are on smaller streams while others will be located on the larger Reedy Creek and on the banks of Clancy’s Dam.

View each individual campsite in our Overflow Camp area below, and tap or click on your favourite to find out the site name. 

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